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Since the early 17th century, oats have been a North American staple. Current oat production has moved from its original home off the coast of Massachusetts (in 1602) to the middle- and upper-Mississippi Valley.

It is the third most important grain crop in the US. Most oats that are produced are used for livestock feed, while the remainder is used as breakfast food and skin care products.

Oats have also taken the spotlight in the medical community for their role in reducing cholesterol. They are known to produce a soothing sensation on the skin. In skin care products, oats are frequently used as a skin cleanser or exfoliant for removing the surface layer of dead skin cells.

A decoction added to a bath helps to soothe dry skin and itchiness including conditions like psoriasis measles, chickenpox, eczema, pityriasis rosea, and sunburn.

The difference between regular oat flour and colloidal oat flour is that the latter is a more finely ground powder. It can remain suspended in water. We use it in our baby bath tea to soothe and soften the skin.

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