Organic Coconut Oil

NC products that contain organic coconut oil

Organic Oil Blend for Baby and Child, and All Natural Lotion for Baby and Child.

Organic coconut oil has many benefits for the skin. It is exceptionally moisturizing and soothing.  It is also excellent when used for massages and prevents drying of the skin. In addition, it is known for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. For skin care, coconut oil has traditionally been used on the skin, the hair, and the scalp. It has a natural fragrance that has become linked with a tropical fragrance.

Coconut is generally considered to be a fruit, not a tree nut (despite the name). An interesting fact, however, is that the mature picked coconut can act like a seed creating new life if left alone for extended periods of time. The botanical name of the coconut tree is Cocos Nucifera, and has been called "Tree of Life" probably because it has so many uses. The meat, juice, milk, and oil all have benefits and are also edible. Even the outer shell or husk is used to make everything from hammocks to mats.

Coconut oil has historically been used in several Asian cultures as well as for traditional medicine in Ayurveda, the oldest holistic medicinal science in the world. Coconut oil is credited with treating skin problems and infections. It is also credited with softening the skin and relieving dryness. In general it keeps the hair and complexion looking healthy. When applied to the scalp, it relieves dandruff.
We use only extra virgin coconut oil in our products.

We do not use refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD) coconut oil. Unlike virgin coconut oil, the refined version has no coconut taste or aroma.

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