Natural Vitamin E (Tocobiol)

Nature Certified products that use Organic Grapeseed Oil

Organic Oil Blend for Baby and Child.

Vitamin E is very essential in our life. It is the main source found in supplements. Vitamin E plays a key role in natural care products. Natural Vitamin E, which is used in our Nature Certified products, acts as a natural preservative. The variety we use is a natural antioxidant made up of mixed natural Tocopherols from NON-GMO vegetable oil.

This product is wholly extracted from vegetable seeds and is not compound of individual materials. It acts as an anti-aging agent by blocking free radicals, and having anti-inflammatory activity.

It has been shown to improve micro-circulation of the skin, supports protection against UV irradiation, maintains natural skin moisture and has been observed to aid in dermal anti-inflammatory action. This ingredient comes with a NON-GMO Certificate, a KOSHER Certificate and an ECOCERT Certificate.

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