Affiliate Program


What is our affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is where we invite parents and well-wishers like you to join us in getting our brand to more people like you. We want to share a part of our growth with you. In fact, we want to share a large part of that growth with you. We would like you to represent our brand to your neighborhood stores (ofcourse, we will identify them for you.) For your efforts you will be given commissions equal to or better than the best in the industry


Why do we want you?

Why don’t we just hire some seasoned sales folks and offer them the same commissions? Well, there are a number of reasons that you are the obvious choice:

  • As a parent, or someone close to children you truly understand the value of our brand, and what we are trying to do.
  • We want you to share what you truly believe about the brand and not some practiced sales pitch.

We want you to share in our growth. As hard working care-takers for our children, we deserve to get a little something extra.

Why do we want to have an affiliate program?

  • We are a small company that can’t compete head-on with the millions of dollars in marketing and sales that the large multinationals spend.
  • We can’t afford to have a national sales program without your help.
  • We believe in your ability to represent our brand.

What is required of an affiliate?

  • Believes in our mission and products.
  • Mainly focuses on selling to wholesale/ mom and pop stores around their region.
  • Can create or participate in our unique end-consumer selling programs (Baby care evening etc.).
  • Low pressure program, with sales goals as much or as little as you define them.
  • No inventory to stock or buy.

What support do we provide?

  • The short answer is everything. It is our goal that you never feel ill-equipped, underprepared or pressured.
  • We will educate you about our products.
  • We will identify your local store/ targets.
  • We will creatively define programs right for you.
  • We can do all this right here in our office or remotely.

Why is it good for you?

  • Make money doing what you believe.
  • Take your baby along if you’d like (we know how it is!)
  • Set your own hours.
  • Do as much or as little as you want.
  • Have fun.
  • Meeting interesting people, and keep your business skills sharp.

Where do you sign up?

  • Right here, right now.
  • Send us an email at to learn more, and set up some time to talk to us.
  • You can also call us at 1-877-NAT-CER-0 (628-2370)
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