The 4 P’s of choosing a product

Make it your mantra

Always READ the ingredients label
1. Preservative: What’s giving it the shelf life? Paraben’s, synthetics?
2. Perfume/ Flavoring: What’s giving it the perfume/ flavor – Natural or artificial?
3. Price: Too cheap? What’s in it?
4. Pronounce it: Sounds like a chemical – then it probably is.

Top 5 things to avoid in your baby personal care

This list can be endless, but we will limit it to 5 ingredients

1. Dimethicone – Petroleum derivation. Environmental toxin.

2. Glycols (Propylene Glycol (PG) and Butylene Glycol) – Also used in antifreeze and deicers! Toxicity is a debated topic.

3. Sulphates – Causes drying irritation and sensitivity. Also some studies find health risks for both men and women.

4. Parabens – Causes allergic reactions and is readily absorbed through the skin. Causes human sperm damages, and acts like estrogen in the body.

5. TEA/ DEA/ MEA – Causes allergic reaction, and may form a carcinogenic compound when reacting with nitrosating agents.

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